Concert Health is America’s leading behavioral health medical group.

Concert’s 150+ Collaborative Care Clinicians, who are trained, masters level clinical providers, operate in 17 states and counting. We partner with medical groups and health systems that employ thousands of primary care and OBGYN physicians. Our partners range from single-site practices to some of the largest health systems in the country. Together with our partners, we deliver Collaborative Care Management, an evidenced-based, primary care-driven model to treat depression and anxiety. Concert delivers Collaborative Care, Psychotherapy and Patient Monitoring to help you manage your entire population of patients with behavioral health needs.

Our care team


Collaborative Care Clinicians

Collaborative Care clinicians are masters level trained clinicians that provide evidence-based behavioral health interventions, care coordination, medication adherence, and support in managing your entire population of patients with behavioral health diagnoses. 

Concert Health clinicians develop care plans, provide evidence-based clinical interventions to patients, and document in your electronic health records. Weekly case review with psychiatric consultants and ongoing collaboration with primary care providers ensures patient engagement and measurable clinical improvement. All of Concert’s clinicians are master’s-prepared and either licensed or actively working on licensure.


Psychiatric Consultants

Consistent with the Collaborative Care model, Concert Health’s psychiatric consultants meet with the Collaborative Care clinicians. Patients who are not improving, are experiencing side effects, require changes in treatment or for whom the primary care provider is requesting a consultation are prioritized for review, which is documented in the electronic health record directly to the primary care provider. Concert has Psychiatric Consultants who specialize in adolescents, geriatrics, addiction and women’s health.


Concert patients see a 50% reduction in their depression or anxiety symptoms (PHQ, GAD) within 90 days of beginning treatment.

Key benefits

Improve clinical outcomes

Improve clinical outcomes

Concert is centered on Collaborative Care, an evidence-based intervention model proven to significantly decrease symptoms of behavioral health diagnoses such as depression and anxiety within the primary care setting. Many patients with depression and/or anxiety do not meet other quality measures or preventive health maintenance measures, a reduction in symptoms often translates into improved overall health outcomes.

Save time and stress

Save time and stress

Concert’s clinical team can help PCPs manage most behavioral health conditions. Our team provides continued support for decision-making around diagnosis, medications, and dosage. 

Succeed with value-based care

Succeed with value-based care

Our measurement-based care helps providers successfully exceed quality measures and supports achieving bonus payments for ACOs, MACRA, and other value-based contracts.

Get service line support

Get service line support

Concert has a dedicated team of Revenue Cycle experts that help your team bill and collect for Collaborative Care, enabling a new, profitable service line for your practice. We support practices in reporting quality measures to health plans and regulators to ease administrative burden and maximize revenue.

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