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Receive personalized treatment that can empower you or your child to make a positive life change. Concert Health Collaborative Care clinicians, along with your provider, offer specialized behavioral health services for adults, children, and adolescents. Talk to your provider about adding Concert Health to your care team.

How it works


Many people struggling with behavioral health concerns never get the care they need – either because they lack a diagnosis or don’t realize what it is that they are experiencing. Our model allows a safe space for patients and makes it easy for them to get treatment and improve their overall health and quality of life. Concert Health Collaborative Care clinicians work with your provider to help diagnose and treat depression, anxiety, postpartum mood changes, ADHD and other conditions. 

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Frequently asked questions

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How much does Concert Health cost?

Services are provided and covered through most primary care insurance benefits. The cost is often similar to primary care services. Concert staff can help you understand costs prior to enrollment.


Where do I go for appointments?

Appointments are done over the phone or on video. Clinicians are available morning, evening and weekend hours.


What treatment options do you provide?

Talk treatment which is typically 30 minutes, symptom monitoring, shorter check-in appointments, and medication support to identify and remove any barriers to taking your medication.

52% of Concert patients see a 50% reduction in their depression or anxiety symptoms (PHQ, GAD) within 90 days of beginning treatment.

Ready to get started?


Contact your provider and let them know you would like to begin talking with Concert Health.