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Receive personalized treatment that can empower you or your child to make a positive life change. Concert Health Collaborative Care clinicians, along with your provider, offer specialized behavioral health services for adults, children, and adolescents. Talk to your provider about adding Concert Health to your care team.

How it works


Many people struggling with behavioral health concerns never get the care they need – either because they lack a diagnosis or don’t realize what it is that they are experiencing. The Collaborative Care Model is a team approach that puts you, the patient, in the driver’s seat. Your referring provider links you to additional care team members: a behavioral health clinician (also known as the Collaborative Care Clinician) and a Psychiatric
Consultant. Your referring provider will continue to take care of your medical needs and will enhance your care by bringing in the Collaborative Care Clinician and the Psychiatric Consultant to take care of your behavioral health needs.

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Frequently asked questions


How is Collaborative Care different from traditional therapy?

In traditional therapy, individuals often meet with their clinician for 60-minute appointments on a weekly basis. Traditional therapy focuses on addressing both past and present stressors, encouraging a more long-term process. Our model is goal-oriented, measurement-based, and brief in nature, typically lasting 3-6 months based on your individual needs. Compared to traditional therapy, CollaborativeCare is a more flexible style of treatment to adapt to a variety of patient needs and schedules. Generally, you will meet with your clinician for 15-30 minute touch points throughout the month.


What can I expect in my initial appointment?

In your initial appointment, your clinician will focus on getting to know you better. Your clinician will also focus on gathering pertinent information on your behavioral health history as well as current symptoms and stressors that might be impacting your daily routine.

Your clinician will ask questions regarding safety and work with you to set your first goal. At each touch point, you will set a small, achievable goal to work towards reducing symptoms and our overall goal of graduating from our services.

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What is the cost of services? How will I be billed?

Collaborative Care is a medical service, billed like a primary care office visit. You will receive a claim from your provider on a monthly basis for services received throughout the month. These services should be paid through your primary care benefit design. You can confirm this with you insurance by calling the number on the back of your insurance card and requesting a cost estimate for these CPT codes: 99493, 99494. If you have any questions after receiving a bill, please contact the number on the bill.

Concert patients see a 50% reduction in their depression or anxiety symptoms (PHQ, GAD) within 90 days of beginning treatment.

Ready to get started?


Contact your provider and let them know you would like to begin talking with Concert Health.

In the event that you have any further questions regarding the collaborative care program, you are welcome to call us at 855-641-6060.