Reflecting On Concert’s Vision: What’s Our “Why?”

Reflecting On Concert’s Vision: What’s Our “Why?”

April 28, 2022

Yesterday we made an exciting announcement. Define Ventures led a set of world-class investors in providing Concert Health with an infusion of capital and experience. You can read about it here

As we move forward in this next chapter, we recognize how vital it is to reflect on our “why.”  

We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality behavioral health services alongside their trusted health care provider. 

And here at Concert, we’re working on making that a reality by building the country’s best behavioral health medical group. 

So what does that really look like?

EVERYONE: Concert Health tries to serve everyone, not just those with excess income or stellar commercial insurance. 

As we continue to grow, we’re aiming to help every American gain access to quality behavioral health services. More than 50 million people need behavioral health support during any given year, and we’re proud to have served more than 27,000 of them across 11 states. Concert makes it a priority to reach those in underserved communities who might  not otherwise get care or treatment: 55% of the patients we have served to date are insured by Medicaid and Medicare, many receiving care in Federally Qualified or Rural Health Centers.

ACCESS: Not a ‘network.’ Not a number on the back of an insurance card. Not a four-month wait list. A great clinician, there to help –as soon as today or tomorrow.

We know that behavioral health support often can’t wait until it’s convenient, nor should it have to. That’s why we prioritize same-day or next-day access to a highly skilled, highly qualified clinician who can help. Meeting people where they are is central to who we are as a leading group practice: Some of our clinicians are located directly onsite, while others provide care via phone or video. Behavioral health care isn’t a one-size-fits-all service, and our care and model support truly patient-centered care.

HIGH-QUALITY: Set a goal with patients, track progress, and deliver evidence-based interventions. 

Concert provides consistent, measurement-based care, tailored to patient needs and requests, in order to truly change a person’s daily experience. 

We’ve found that the best way to provide that support is through Collaborative Care, an integrated, evidence-based approach that utilizes a strong clinical foundation of behavioral health professionals to impact patient symptoms and clinical outcomes.

Concert is invested in creating standards and rigor in outcomes and data reporting. To develop best practices for the industry, we are establishing benchmarks that capture a baseline and outcomes at 90 or 120 days of care using standardized screening and measurement tools such as the Patient Health Questionnaire 9 (PHQ9) and the Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7 (GAD7). This helps avoid reporting data during the “ebb and flow” of a patient’s journey that doesn’t accurately reflect outcomes. As measured by these scales, which are designed to objectively reflect patient progress, 38.5% of our patients meet a 50% or 10 point reduction by the 90 day mark and 48.3% achieve this as of day 120.. Concert is very proud of our impact on the lives of these patients.

We’re continuing to build our repository of high-quality data (soon to be published and peer-reviewed) by replicating the existing, impressive evidence base of Collaborative Care and extending our research into less-explored areas, such as ADHD/ADD and suicidality. 

We have built Concert’s Collaborative Care model to learn from the best insights from Zero Suicide and suicide safer care. In the first nine months of 2021, 1,529 of our patients were flagged for suicide risk. Of that group, 72% had their risk resolved during their treatment episode and were removed from the suicide safer care pathway. We work every day to support the rest on their journey towards a healthy and happy life.

ALONGSIDE: We’re done with the siloes. 

So few of us are depressed and only depressed.We’re diabetic; we’re overweight; we’re pregnant; we’re hypertensive. We need a clinical team that will help it all.

Concert’s clinicians partner alongside established and trusted healthcare teams –  a privilege we don’t take lightly. We’re ecstatic to continue our work with mission-driven primary care, pediatric, and women’s health organizations. 


Where we go from here

If you work at a medical group, health care organization or health plan looking to address the behavioral health needs of your patients, reach out. Concert would love to understand your needs, share experiences, and see whether we could build something better, together.

While we are proud of our accomplishments to date, Concert has so much more work in front of us than behind, and we need help. As a medical group, we’re built around clinicians and always looking to welcome more talented clinicians to build their careers with us. 

If you’re not a behavioral health clinician? We need your help, too. We are searching for amazing software engineers, account managers, business analysts and billing specialists to fill out the symphony. See if there’s a role that’s right for you by browsing our open roles here.

As we look to the future, we want to hank our 54 provider partners who trust us each day with the care of their patients. We also want to recognize our extraordinary team, whose service has brought us this far, and who continue to make Concert the community that it is. We look forward to continuing caring for patients together, as well as contributing to the bodies of evidence that support Collaborative Care.